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Franchise Taunigma - trust management of your terminals in the UAE
Nowadays we are realizing an ambitious project on payment automation (cell phone, household and medical bills, bank and other obligatory payments, various kinds of fines including overseas transactions) for UAE citizens. For the purpose of a rapid massive coverage of UAE we have made a decision to collaborate with private investors from all over the world.

On the basis of the above factual information we are happy to offer you to buy between 1 and hundreds of payment terminal units for payment transactions enable you to handle and supervise them with the help of an Arabic company specializing in this kind of business - NT.Payments.

Actually, you do not have to cope with this business yourself or leave home as our company takes all responsibility for running everything: constructing terminals, shipping them to UAE, finding the most beneficial spots and service suppliers, installing and maintaining terminals.

The profit from this business is divided between a terminal owner and a managing company (50% by 50%) and available every month. Your net estimated profit will make up 50-80% per year from the end of second year of the terminal operation at this point and  these forecasts are justified. The longer a period of operation is, the bigger a profit is.

If you are interested in this offer, see video and get to know the information below.
Once buying a franchise of a terminal payment business Taunigma-Kiosk ($8'160 each), you become an owner of payment terminals which are installed by our specialists in profitable spots which are in the most prominent for this business regions starting with UAE.

The price of a franchise includes:

       a terminal (a reliable double-screened model)
       shipping  to UAE
       installing on a chosen spot
       assembling a unit, Installing software, testing and starting
       expenses for the first 3 month rent of the terminal spot
       working capital ($500)
       marketing activities (branding, advertising, arranging lotteries, promoters)
       a personal online service for overseeing and running a business and managing income
       maintenance infrastructure

Estimated profit of your franchise can reach up to 30% per year by the end of the second year of your terminals operation. In terms of money it is $300-500 of residual income a month. It should be emphasized that this income does not require any labour or hard mental work. As time and effort saved cost a lot anyway, in this case your income turns out to be a delightful surprise.

One example: in order to get $500 as a landlord, you should buy an apartment first for more than $150,000. If you buy our franchise, you will get this $500 after investing $8,160. It is needless to say that you do not have to set up this business yourself and you have a guarantee of your money saved and a long-term business available.
Official presentation Taunigma: facts and figures in the slides
The risks are minimum as:

  Your terminals are handled by professionals who set up this business in Kazakhstan as early as in 2006. The company name is Kiosk IT System Trading LLC which is operated with trademark NT.Payments.
  UAE is in top 10 of the safest countries which can ensure safety of your equipment.
  Also, your business is ensured by an internal insurance fund which is kept for immediate fixing if necessary.
  UAE economy has been demonstrating a steady growth with no one failure.

Once your terminal is installed, your personal online service shows you a special daily accounts on money turnover, pictures from the spot, addresses, Google maps reports. You can visit your terminals personally without any notice to make some transaction or take a picture of. You can get the information about the addresses of your terminals from any Partner.

A terminal can be bought in installments, payments of $ 2,500 for 4-6 months.

At your wish this franchise can be sold back to the company. If it happens 4 or more years later after purchasing it, the Company pays back 100% of the franchise, if earlier, only a part of it.

When buying a franchise or when buying it in installments, official agreements on a transfer of ownership of a terminal and trust management on the territory of UAE are sent to your email box. After that you have to print it out, sign it and send it back by post to UAE. Next you will get it signed by Taunigma Director.
This advertizing is going on the second screen of our terminals
Every month from a terminals profit some royalties are paid into a depreciation fund due to which you can make sure that your terminal is maintained well. So, your equipment acquires a longer life. As time passes, more relevant services are implemented to it. So, for years and years your terminal looks good and performs well making money for you.

All information is clear and available anytime in your back office where, apart from daily accounts on all transactions made on all your terminals, a monthly company equipment turnover can be seen. Every quarter a company representative reports on current issues online. So far, dozens of terminal owners have visited UAE without being seen just to check their terminals performance and make sure if everything goes well. No one has claimed on the business yet. All company executives are available offline as well arranging meetings with potential and current customers. They answer all questions willingly.

UAE is a tax-free country but it is not an off shore territory. Investments into terminal payment business are worth it and bring lots of money. So, the Company itself is highly interested in recoupment of your investments. The company profit is equal to owners profit, so, if under some circumstances the profit from a particular terminal is too low, the Company will move your terminal to a more beneficial spot (if any other marketing methods fail). This procedure is a clear reflection of a trust management agreement.

Why didnt the company follow a regular way of establishing a fund or a joint-stock company? The answer is easy: our company is the largest terminal company in the UAE, hence we chose the right strategy to attract investment.